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Sunday 12st, April 10:51:50 Am
The Best NFL Gatorade Showers of All-Time!


What is the Super Bowl Gatorade Color Prop Bet? A prop bet is a wager that may not directly correlate to the outcome of the game. Instead of betting on whether the total combined score of both teams will be OVER or UNDER the oddsmaker’s set number or if one squad will cover the spread over the other, you’re betting on the color of Gatorade to be dumped on the winning coach at Super Bowl All you need to do is select the shade you think will be poured on the head coach.

A Brief History of the Super Bowl Gatorade Shower. Nobody puts Jim Burt in the corner. After a win over Washington during the season, the nose tackle decided that he wasn’t getting enough playing time and was being treated unfairly during practice. The tradition started with Bill Parcells but now winning coaches across all sports come to expect a Gatorade shower.

Bettors can wager on the color of the liquid bath that the winning Super Bowl coach will receive. What color will the liquid be that is poured on the head coach of the winning team? Bill Belichick didn’t celebrate the Patriots win over the Steelers with a cold shower.

There have been three times since Super Bowl XXXV that a coach as avoided the ice cold liquid.

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However, there are no odds on a coach staying dry. Got an idea for a winning betting system? Gatorade results courtesy of OddsShark. One of the more whimsical Super Bowl prop bets offered by certain sportsbooks is on the color of the Gatorade shower the winning coach will receive. And this year, the wager is getting added attention because one color purple apparently has gotten an inordinate amount of attention from gamblers who think that there will be a watery sideline salute to the Lakers’ Kobe Bryant on Sunday.

[Super Bowl prop bets contest Print at home to play along]. The color only has turned up twice since Giants Coach Bill Parcells received the first Super Bowl Gatorade shower in, per Oddshark In, when Buccaneers Coach John Gruden got a purple shower after beating the Raiders, and in, when Giants Coach Tom Coughlin got doused after upsetting the Patriots. Super Bowl Gatorade Shower Odds, Super Bowl Prop Odds.

Here at MyBookie we love props almost as much as we love the Super Bowl, that’s why we have come up with the most prop bets available on this years Super Bowl. We cover prop betting on a Gatorade Shower for the Super Bowl with odds on the following Super Bowl betting markets Gatorade Shower Props. Join Free Super Bowl OddsWhy Choose MyBookie’s NFL Odds? Super Bowl LIV Kansas City Chiefs vs San Fransisco 49ers. A variety of fun Super Bowl bets are being offered, including the color of the Super Bowl Gatorade shower doused on the winning coach of Super Bowl LIV.

When the New York Giants gave Bill Parcells the first Super Bowl Gatorade shower in, no one knew it would become something you could bet on many years later. DraftKings is currently offering a variety of fun Super Bowl bets, including the color of the Super Bowl Gatorade shower doused on the winning coach of Super Bowl LIV.

Last year, when the New England Patriots defeated the Los Angeles Rams, blue was the winning Gatorade color dumped on head coach Bill Belichick. Check out the Super Bowl 53 prop bet odds on the Gatorade shower color along with a list of past colors poured on the winning coach. Of his five Super Bowl victories, he’s only received the shower twice clear in SB39 and blue in SB49, so it’s likely he dodges it again. Considering clear is one of the two and was what Gurley said was the preferred Gatorade choice of the Rams, it makes sense why it is the favorite to be poured on the winning coach of Super Bowl LIII.

Super Bowl List of colors from past Gatorade showers. To give you a historical reference, here are the colors for each Super Bowl Gatorade shower dating back to. Gatorade shower prop betting is Super Bowl handicapping with a casino or a lemon-limetwist. Great gallons of luck are involved in hitting the picksuccessfully.

But there’s more NFL knowledge and forethought involved in predicting the winning coach’s Gatorade shower than you might gather on your first taste of the market. What goes into handicapping a prop bet on the Super Bowl Gatorade shower? To get a better grip before gulping it down, let’s look at how bookmakers treat the ritual. What Do Odds on the Super Bowl Gatorade Shower Look Like? Gatorade shower prop bets are found on a Super Bowl gambling site with moneyline-style odds next to several color choices.

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Each year when the Super Bowl gets closer and closer, you can make bets on anything you think will happen in the game. From who will score the first touchdown of the game to who will win the coin toss, there are so many wagers. But betting on the Gatorade shower? Anybody who bet on the color of the Gatorade shower will get their money back.

Blue and purple were the biggest underdogs in this bet, while clear and limegreen were the two favorites. The full odds are right here Clear 31 LimeGreen 31 Orange 31 Yellow 31 Red 61 Blue 152 Purple 121.

Falcons Follow live scores and highlights.

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Tom Brady adds to his Super Bowl records in Super Bowl. The Super Bowl has a number of prop bets available, including on the length of the American National Anthem, which song will be sung first by Jennifer Lopez and Shakira at halftime, what the colour the Gatorade shower will be, as well as which player will score the first or last touchdown. Super Bowl prop bets are popular as they provide a fun, alternate way to bet on the Super Bowl.

Prop bets also offer more variety on betting which can be enjoyed by the casual sports fan. Patrick Mahomes Super Bowl MVP. The Super Bowl MVP market is pret.

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The Gatorade shower, also known as the Gatorade dunk or the Gatorade bath, is a sports tradition that involves players surreptitiously dumping a cooler full of liquid most commonly Gatorade mixed with ice over the head of their coach or occasionally a high-profile assistant coach, star player, or team owner in professional leagues following a meaningful win, such as the Super Bowl, World Series or other major sporting event.

This includes all levels of play including Little League World Series. How to bet on the bet on the Super Bowl gatorade shower color at US sportsbooks. Betting odds for every Gatorade color at Super Bowl This year, betting on the Gatorade shower is legal in New Jersey and Indiana, and DraftKings and FanDuel have posted markets on the popular novelty prop. Additional Superbowl Gatorade Shower Questions Why is there no odds for Superbowl 46?

Purple was not one of the options offered at most sportsbooks.

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Bettors would get their money refunded in that scenario. Related Questions Alternative Ways to AskIncoming Search Traffic The answer to the question What is the History of the Superbowl Gatorade Shower?

Is also applicable for the following questions Gatorade Shower History, Results of Gatorade Colour Bets, Superbowl Gatorade Past Results, In poker player and commentator Ali Nejad was born. What Casino Promotion Do You Prefer. Betting on the pregame coin toss is even money. The coin has come up tails three years running or flipping, but prior to that it was heads five years in a row. The Patriots have lost the toss in all four of their Super Bowl wins.

The Falcons also lost the toss before their only appearance in Super Bowl XXXII in Last, but not least, there is the Gatorade Shower prop that is, what color liquid will be poured on the winning coach. Clearwater, limegreen, yellow and orange are each listed at + Orange has been used in four of the last seven years.

The Patriots doused Bill Belichick i.

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The Gatorade shower has now become so popular with fans that many like to bet on what colour will be poured on coaches at the Super bowl every year which has forced PepsiCo to stretch its claim that the drink contains no artificial colouring to the absolute limit after launching a brand new unicorn flavour. The Super bowl will essentially be like a medieval witch trial going forward.

Whichever coach drowns in the Gatorade first will be the loser so that places a much greater emphasis on actually winning rather than simply taking part, Mrs. Subscribe to get workplace humour. From the coin toss to the Gatorade shower, there are many prop bets to be made for Super Bowl LIV.

While the San Francisco and Kansas City Chiefs will be trying to win the Lombardi Trophy, bettors will be looking to have a different kind of success during Sunday's big game. That means placing smart bets they hope will lead to them cashing in some big winnings. And during the Super Bowl, there are plenty of opportunitiesmany more than a typical NFL gameto do that.

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Here's a look at just a few of those.

Super Bowl LIV Betting Information. The postgame Gatorade shower is a Super Bowl tradition and has become a mainstay among prop bets. Orange has opened as the early favorite, and with good reason. According to Campbell, "The biggest influencer on the Gatorade prop odds was the fact the Panthers dumped orange after their NFC Championship win. The Panthers are expected to win as the 6-point favorite and Carolina is seeing most of the money from bettors so far by a landslide so you can see the logic." With three of the last six Super Bowls ending in an orange shower for the head coach, it’s definitely the safe pick. One of our favorite bets revolves around the post-game tradition of pouring Gatorade on to the winning coach’s head.

The bet revolves around exactly what color the Gatorade will be. In the past it’s looked like this LimeGreenYellow + So when making a Super Bowl parlay bet, what can you pair, or parlay, together?

Last year, a guy turned a random 2 parlay into a win because he combined two random bets into one parlay that Tom Brady’s first pass would result in an interception, and that there would be no touchdowns in the first half.

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Super Bowl LI New England Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons Betting Preview and PickThe Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots are set to square off in Super Bowl LI and it is the Pats that has opened as the 3-point faves at sports books while the total is out there at sexyaftercancer.com betting-february Joe Osborne caps the game and presents his pick in his Super Bowl LI betting preview.

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Want more of the best sports content, statistics, and trends? Last, but not least, there is the Gatorade Shower prop that is, what color liquid will be poured on the winning coach.

Clearwater, limegreen, yellow and orange are each listed at + Orange has been used in four of the last seven years. I’m quite confused at what has gone on with the Gatorade shower prop betting. As you probably know, you can bet on what color the Gatorade dumped on the winning coach will be every year. This year, purple opened as a + underdog, but so much money has come in on purple that it is now a favorite.

That’s a sign if I’ve ever seen one. Even still, I would only take those odds if I knew for an absolute fact that one team had only purple Gatorade on their sideline, and even then it would be an iffy bet. I’m going with my gut, which is a surprising longshot. The Super Bowl is one of the most popular betting days of the year, and you can bet on pretty much everything, including things that don’t really have anything to do with football.

Some of the prop bets cover things like the coin toss, how long the national anthem will last, and what color the Gatorade shower will be. For people not familiar with oddsmaking, a - symbol indicates a favorite and a + symbol indicates an underdog.

For example, a bet placed on a + side would net a profit, in addition to getting back the original For favorites, it would take a bet to win.

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The best Super Bowl prop bets for, with Las Vegas Super Bowl prop bet odds on Super Bowl 44's funny Super Bowl proposition bets from Bodog and beyond. Kardashians, Katrina, color in the Gatorade bath, and more prop bets that have almost nothing to do with Sunday's game plus experts picks on how to win.

The Handicap After reviewing several Super Bowl showers, Bodog added this bet to their plus props last year. "It usually takes us three or four watchings to tell the color percent," Garner explains. Can you name the Super Bowl winning NFL head coach shown getting doused in Gatorade? Test your knowledge on this sports quiz to see how you do and compare your score to others.

Sports Quiz Super Bowl Gatorade Showers. Random Sports or Football Quiz. Can you name the Super Bowl winning NFL head coach shown getting doused in Gatorade.

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Brl super bowl 50 GUI de to betting prop s super bowl gatorade the avg leng th of coin toss national anthem up tracked since SB35 tracked since SB4 times ancisco ba err b tails 3 02 1 times minute no times shower heads 57 seconds times times first score times touchdown 22 field goal times 1 time of the. GAME SAFETY TIMES HAT ODDS SHARK Place your bets!

What prop bet will you bet on this weekend. At the conclusion of the Super Bowl nothing can be said to be certain, except the winning quarterback exclaiming that he is going to Disney World and the victorious coach being engulfed in a bath of Gatorade a division of Pepsi [NYSE PEP].

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The Gatorade Shower has become a staple in sports. It is so clear that a head coach will get splashed with Gatorade that all of the major sports books offer betting lines on the color of the liquid.

However, in a twist of fate last year, no coach took a Gatorade bath and thus all those Super Bowl prop bet wagers were returned. Follow the latest news, video, predictions and odds for Super Bowl 54, along with schedules, dates and times.

The Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco will play in the Super Bowl at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida on Sunday, February 2, PFT Draft Defining moments from Super Bowl LIV. Mike Florio and Chris Simms draft the defining moments from the Chiefs' win in Super Bowl LIV. Mahomes comes up clutch as Garoppolo can't deliver. PFT's Super Bowl LIV superlatives. Analyzing play-calling late vs. Can win a Super Bowl with Garoppolo? Who will shine at the combine. This year's Super Bowl prop bets range from which team scores first to what color Halftime performer Adam Levine's shirt will be.

On Sunday, millions of bets will be on the line during Super Bowl 53, and many of them might surprise you. While most gamblers will wager their money on more traditional bets like who will win the big game the New England Patriots are favored to beat the Los Angeles Rams, prop betting offers an opportunity for people who don’t know much about the game to get in on the action.

Prop bets are bets related to specific events that are likely, or unlikely, to happen during the Super Bowl. They range from which team will score first to what color shirt Adam Levine will wear during his halftime pe.

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The Super Bowl is this Sunday and, as with any major sporting event, there are plenty of people betting on the outcome of the game.

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But that’s not the only aspect of the big night that Vegas oddsmakers are taking wagers on. You can place a bet on everything from the result of the coin toss to what colour shoes Beyonc will wear at half-time.

Here are some of the strangest things you can lose money on during Super Bowl You might have heard of the famed Super Bowl Gatorade shower. Of course, it has sprouted its own betting circuit over the years. Betting 10 on an orange splash will give you a pay out of 13, while if you bet on purple and you’re right, you’ll make a whole 2.

Length of the national anthem. Betting website sexyaftercancer.com has released its prop bet odds for Super Bowl 50, and there's plenty to choose from - from what color the Gatorade poured on the winning head coach will be to what songs the band Coldplay will perform during the halftime show. Sunday morning qb peyton is the story of super bowl There's even possible money to be made on Peyton Manning's recent HGH scandal, specifically whether the Broncos QB will be fined or suspended by the NFL before the Super Bowl 501 odds, or whether the allegations from Al Jazeera's bombshell report will somehow. The Super Bowl continues to grow in popularity with our punters and this year we will offer in excess of individual markets on the game." With that in mind, here are five of the silliest bets you can make on the clash between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots.

The Gatorade shower One of the Super Bowl's great traditions is dumping a big cooler of sports drink on the winning coach's head. But will it be orange, clear, red, blue, purple, yellow or green?

Bill Belichick's hoodie Coach of the New England Patriots Bill Belichick is notorious for always.

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Can you even have a Super Bowl party if you don't have Super Bowl betting games? The longer answer is definitely not. If you are struggling to come up with ideas, The Action Network is here to help. How many times will Trump tweet? Also, mix it up with entertainment and sports if you have a bigger crowd. Is betting on the Super Bowl legal in the USA?

Our Super Bowl betting guide provides information on legalities, the best Super Bowl betting sites, and where to bet on Super Bowl 54 legally.

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Sportsbooks go all out on prop specials for the big game and include odds on things such as the national anthem, coin toss result, the appearance of the halftime show performer, the color of the Gatorade shower, whether President Donald Trump will tweet during the game, and dozens more.

We will provide you with the prop bets for Super Bowl 54 when they are made available.

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What color will be thrown over the victorious coach at the Super Bowl? The guys discuss the Twitter poll of the day. Gatorade announced this month that it will be removing BVO, a food additive that is banned in Europe, from all of its drinks in the near future. Every year, bets are placed on the color of the Gatorade that douses the winning coach in the Super Bowl.

This year, according to oddsmakers, the bet was on a likelihood that the liquid is going to be water clear is the favorite at 72, but orange, yellow, green, red, and blue Gatorade were all still contenders orange ended up being the winner.

The first "Gatorade Shower occurred in, and started after the New York Giants beat the Washington Redskins and coach Bill Parcells took the inaugural dunking.

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How the Super Bowl Gatorade Shower Became Tradition Over 30 Years Ago. Super Bowl XXI champion New York Giants turned dumping the ice-cold drink on coaches into the ultimate celebration. The image is iconic, as synonymous with victory as anything else in sports the coach, smiling, drenched in sticky, ice-cold Gatorade.

The players, triumphantly holding the cooler high above their coach’s head as the neon-colored sports drink rains down. They are winners, and everyone knows it. As Mike Ditka once said on ESPN’s E, If you’ve never had a Gatorade bath, you haven’t done anything very exceptional. But the Gatorade shower was not always a ubiquitous symbol of sports success.

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Bob Wulff Art bobwulffart Instagram Right from an image on Tumblr Left Super Bowl Gatorade shower bets.

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Watching the Super Bowl is one of America's favorite annual traditions. But for the team that wins the game, most like to douse their coach in Gatorade on the sidelines to celebrate the big moment. The Gatorade shower has become so popular for fans that some like to bet on what color will be poured on coaches. Check out the odds for this year's Super Bowl Gatorade color, as of Jan. 22 on Bovada LimeGreenYellow +.

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Gatorade I need a vodka spiked Gatorade ASAP. I need a vodka spiked Gatorade ASAP. Gatorade Ouch my head, this yellow gatorade should help. Ouch my head, this yellow gatorade should help.

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Your home for all NFL Super Bowl news as well as ticket, apparel and event info.

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Super Bowl Gatorade Shower Color Comes Up Blue in Prop Bet x jpeg 99. sexyaftercancer.com Super Bowl Gatorade Showers Through the Years sexyaftercancer.com x jpeg.

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This coming Sunday in the Super Bowl, the Philadelphia Eagles will take on the New England Patriots at U.S. And once again, thousands if not millions of people across the country will be making wagers on a wide variety of topics. Whether you’ve created your own bets, or are relying on the oddsmakers out in Las Vegas, the Super Bowl has more betting interest, options and odds than any other sporting event on the calendar. What colour Gatorade will be used for the coach shower?

This is the one bet that might be the most heavily scrutinized because of all the ways it’s possible to execute some sort of inside job. For whatever reason, waterclear is the most predicted outcome at + 7. What colour will Pink’s hair be when she sings the national anthem.

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Official Facebook page of the Super Bowl. sexyaftercancer.com Play Super Bowl Bingo for a chance to win signed memorabilia! sexyaftercancer.com Super Bowl updated their cover photo.

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The Super Bowl is just around the corner. It is time for some of us to put on our jersey, stuff our face with the best football food, scream at a television, and to make fun of our friends when their team does something dumb. For others it is time to put up with the football that interrupts our commercials an halftime show viewing.

Either way, the Super Bowl has something for everyone. One thing that comes with all sporting games is the world of gambling. The coin toss and Gatorade shower are not the only football staples. If you have ever been to an American sporting event or watched one on television you have probably heard the National Anthem.

Sometimes the rendition is powerful, sometimes moving, sometimes cringe-worthy.

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Winning the Super Bowl isn’t just about being the best team in the leagueor for a player like Tom Brady, the best quarterback of all timeit’s about hometown pride. And if there’s one thing that New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles fans both have, it’s a deep-rooted love for their respective cities.

So it should come as no surprise that Boston-based breweries Samuel Adams and Jack’s Abby are wagering against their lager-loving neighbors near PhillyYuengling and Victory Brewing Companyin a friendly Super Bowl bet.

Like last year, we’re behind New England all the way as they head to.

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So, you’ve had a look through our detailed analysis and Super Bowl predictions, you’ve browsed our stunning range of Super.

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Best Super Bowl Betting Sites Of - Get the top picks of gambling on the Super Bowl. Enjoy free bonuses, bet offers in-depth, independent reviews. Remember that players keep playing for much longer nowadays though just look at Tom Brady! In a Super Bowl tradition, the coach of the winning team is usually covered in Gatorade at the end of the match.

Gatorade afficionados will know that the drink comes in many different colors though, so what will the color of the Gatorade poured over the coach be? The half time show is usually one of the highlights of the Super Bowl.

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Wrapping up Super Bowl festivities usually is the popular Gatorade shower for the winning coach after the game. Last year, New England's Bill Belichick avoided it. However, orange was the winning color two of the last three years a coach has been doused with the liquid along with four of the past six.

Orange is the + second choice bet to win this year behind limegreenyellow, which is the + favorite.

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Gallery Super Bowl Bill Belichick's Gatorade shower after Patriots win Super Bowl By Meredith Perri mperrisexyaftercancer.com After New England defeated the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl Sunday night, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick took more than one Gatorade shower. Belichick was doused in both blue and orange-colored Gatorade at the end of the win.

Take a look at Gatorade showers from throughout the years, including another iconic one of Belichick, here.

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Just like the Super Bowl itself, prop bets surrounding football's showpiece event have come a long way over the last three decades. According to the American Gaming Association, this Sunday's Super Bowl LIV will be the most legally bet on in history.

New England Patriots players give head coach Bill Belichick a Gatorade shower after winning the Super Bowl LIII at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on February 3, in Atlanta, Georgia. The New England Patriots defeat the Los Angeles Rams ElsaGetty. Politics always play a big part in the Super Bowl and bookmakers have not missed the opportunity to wheel out a number of prop bets specifically for the occasion.

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The Gatorade shower, also known as the Gatorade dunk or the Gatorade bath, is an American sports tradition that involves players surreptitiously dumping a cooler full of liquid most commonly Gatorade mixed with ice over the head of their coach or occasionally a high-profile assistant coach, star player, or team owner in professional leagues following a meaningful win, such as the Super. The tradition has become a mainstay of the Super Bowl so much so that numerous gambling websites have established various 'prop bets' on situations during the game.

Many of these bets are unrelated to the actual sporting event.[citation needed] For Super Bowl XLVI, a bet could be made on what color the Gatorade would be.

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The Super Bowl only happens once a year, don’t be cheap. Don’t Forget about Betting- The game is really long- including the halftime show we are talking a four hour event. So, you got to keep it entertaining and one of the great ways to do that is betting.

Obviously you should place bets on the score of the game, but get funky with it- try betting on what color the Gatorade-shower will be. Drink- You don’t want to run out of beer or soft drinks. If you don’t drink alcohol, your friends probably do, so get some cold beers.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The coach of a Marine Corps league football team is showered with Gatorade following his team's championship victory. The tradition has become a mainstay of the Super Bowl so much so that numerous gambling websites have established various 'prop bets' on situations during the game. As the tradition has evolved, not all showers are reserved for championship games. Gatorade showers have occurred after key victories that were not championship games, after the defeat of a rival, after the snapping of a losing streak, or after the snapping of an opponent's winning streak.

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For Super Bowl XLIX, the sky not to mention imagination is the limit when it comes to what’s known as proposition betting. Prop betting can range from the minutia of on-the-field actionwho will score the first touchdownto the more obscure, odd, and unrelated events that surround the big game.

Prop bets can include outside tie-ins, such as scores from other sporting events matched against Super Bowl stats, or anything non-sporting that happens from the singing of the national anthem through halftime and even post-game. I’d rather bet on who delivers the Gatorade showerif the Pats win, that’s easy it will be Gronk.

If the Seahawks win, my money is on Lynch. For the Hawks running back, anything to get him out of doing a postgame interview.

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The Gatorade shower, also known as the Gatorade dunk or the Gatorade bath, is a sports tradition that involves players surreptitiously dumping a cooler full of liquid most commonly Gatorade mixed with ice over the head of their coach or occasionally a high-profile assistant coach, star player, or team owner in professional leagues following a meaningful win, such as the Super Bowl Parcells was doused after 17 victories that season, culminating with Super Bowl XXI.[5][6]. Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers was reported to be the first NBA coach to receive a Gatorade shower when his team won the NBA Finals.[7] Paul Pierce dumped a cooler of red Gatorade over Rivers as the Celtics closed out Game 6 to clinch their first NBA title in 22 years.