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Hillary clinton 2020 betting odds premier game bet rdc

Wednesday 4st, March 3:10:14 Pm
Betting Odds On 2020 Democratic Nominees Have Bernie As Current Favorite, And Also Include Hillary


How can betting odds predict the next POTUS? Check out our How to Bet on the U.S. Presidential Election article to learn more about political betting. While President Trump won the electoral college vote in a landslide, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by nearly three million votes.

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This time two weeks ago, Trump was favorite to win the popular vote, or percent implied probability, but as of February 24, that number has since jumped the fence to + The field, aka the likely Democratic nominee, is back to the favorite to win the popular vote at odds.

The Dems were chalk on February 5. Odds to Win Presidential Popular Vote. More bettors at one British bookmaker are backing Hillary Clinton to be the Democratic Party's nominee than they are any of the candidates actually running in the race, giving her better odds of winning than Senator Cory Booker and Beto O'Rourke, among others. Clinton, a former secretary of state and first lady, is not a candidate in the party's primaries and was the Democratic nominee in the election, which she lost to President Donald Trump.

Despite winning the popular vote by almost 3 million, Clinton lost the Electoral College. The odds reflect the view of the betting market. The shorter a person's odds, the greater the chance the betting market believes he or she has of winning the contest because bettors are placing money on them. Hillary Clinton’s odds to win the Presidential election went from + to + over the last two weeks.

Clinton made a joking reference recently, suggesting that she might run again in She lost the Presidential election to Donald Trump. Is Hillary Clinton coming back for another shot at the White House in? Clinton has ramped up her public profile of late. She’s also made a habit of taking jabs at US President Donald Trump on social media. These moves got people’s attention.

Many are pondering whether Clinton is considering a late entry into the Democratic Presidenti. Odds For Hillary Clinton To Win The Presidential Election. Despite not even declaring for the election yet, Clinton’s odds of winning the Presidency are somewhat high. Most sportsbooks place Clinton’s chances within the first eight to ten Presidential candidates. Clinton’s betting odds show that while she is not considered a premier front runner just yet, she still is in the running despite not officially announcing her campaign.

Depending on the sportsbook, Clinton’s POTUS odds usually rank in the top ten. When it comes to her Democratic nomination odds in, Clinton’s odds can be found hovering among the best four or five chances, proving that sportsbooks, or the bettors, have faith in the nominee. Hillary Clinton’s Democratic primary odds are better than either Julian Castro’s or Cory Booker’s.

Both candidates will be in tonight’s ABC debate. Source Scott Olson Getty Images AFP. A CFTC-exempt research project sponsored by Victoria University of Wellington, PredictIt allows news junkies to bet real money on a variety of political outcomes.

Bettors buy or sell stock in a hypothetical outcome, such as this one, which asks Will Hillary Clinton run for president in? Share prices range from 1 cent to 99 cents based on supply and demand, and winning b.

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Former First Lady Hillary Clinton jokingly responded to a tweet by President Donald Trump regarding her chances, but oddsmakers aren't laughing. I think that Crooked Hillary Clinton should enter the race to try and steal it away from Uber Left Elizabeth Warren, Trump tweeted Tuesday. The Crooked one must explain all of her high crimes and misdemeanors including how why she deleted 33, Emails AFTER getting C’ Subpoena!

Clinton countered, Don’t tempt me. The reply by the former secretary of state and Democratic presidential nominee naturally spurred a strong response.

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The comment has been retweeted 22, times and garnered, likes and 23, comments. Odds update every minute Last updated PM EST on Feb 26, Election Betting Odds.

By Maxim Lott and John Stossel. Why This Beats Polls Odds from Betfair and PredictIt How People Bet. Chance of winning Democratic Primary. Wacky Odds for Hillary Clinton. Interest in betting on Hillary to win the Democratic nomination has recently been piqued, having spiked to as high asshare in early October, before quickly falling back toshare. Remember, folks, Hillary Clinton is not currently in the running for the nomination. Curiously enough, several days later, Hillary’s odds spiked again, this time to as high asshare.

This would place her in the top three or four hopefuls for the nomination again, without an official announcement or indication she would be running. As a reminder, come Q1, Augur will be the no-brainer platform for political betting with unbeatable odds, the lowest fees, and the tightest spreads.

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Speculation is growing that Hillary Clinton will make a last-minute entry into the presidential race after reports published Tuesday said members of the Democratic establishment doubted any of the party’s current top candidates can beat President Trump next November.

This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. All market data delayed 20 minutes. Clinton’s odds on Ladbrokes is ahead of several declared candidates, including Sens. Corey Booker and Amy Klobuchar, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, and former Rep. Beto O’Rourke, Fox Newsreports.

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Elizabeth Warren as the front-runner with the best odds at, followed by former vice president Joe Biden at, and Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders at Entrepreneur Andrew Yang, Sen. Kamala Harris and openly gay South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg are also ahead of Clinton at odds of securing the nomination.

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Early Betting Odds to Win the Democratic Primary KAMALA HARRIS. + Against Hillary Clinton, the contrast was severe. With enormous swathes of the country having never recovered from the financial collapse, people are getting tired of the usual promise you everything, then sell everyone out to corporate and monied interests politicians who dominate the upper echelons of power in the States. Hillary Clinton There are some on the left who want her to run, and there are also some on the right.

Clinton’s status as an underdog combined with the number of bets she’s getting means that if she did get the nomination, the gambling site would take a bath. She’s still not the favorite Elizabeth Warren is currently getting the best odds but she’s definitely a major player.

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And people are willing to bet money to prove it. I still believe HillaryClinton is the most qualified person to be POTUS and I believe the election was stolen from her. Hillary Clinton has said she is "under enormous pressure" to challenge US President Donald Trump in next year's White House election.

The former Democratic presidential nominee refused to rule it out, telling the BBC "Never say never." Mrs Clinton, 72, said she thinks "all the time" about what kind of president she would have been if she had beaten Mr Trump in Seventeen Democrats are already vying to lead the party in Speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live's Emma Barnett while in the UK on a book tour, Mrs Clinton was asked whether she would run again.

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Speculation that Clinton might run again was given a boost this summer, when the one-time presidential hopeful gave a handful of campaign-style speeches and sent out emails to supporters.

However, these rumors were dismissed by her former campaign strategist as a pipe dream. Gillum opted not to have Bill Clinton campaign with him at all, and is keeping Hillary’s appearances to a minimum.

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Even Hillary voters don’t want to see or hear from her again, tweeted Miami filmmaker Billy Corben. Democratic Election Betting Odds For Race.

In, the Democrats had just as tumultuous a Presidential race as the Republicans did. With scandal and drama surrounding the DNC’s treatment of Bernie Sanders and an FBI investigation into party nominee Hillary Clinton, things were anything but standard in that election. The political whirlwind that ensued did result in a few positive consequences, though, including providing a fertile environment for political betting in Among the various political betting lines and odds for the US presidential election, there are party-related wa.

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Hillary Clinton has a mountain to climb if she’s to become the first female President of the United States in, according to our odds. The Democratic nomination lost out to Donald Trump two years ago and is now 661 to make amends by landing the keys to the White House in two years time. However, our traders reckon she faces a tough battle just to win the race to become the Democratic nominee. Her odds of 331 put her comfortably behind favourites Kamala Harris at 51 and Be. Hillary Clinton is up to something.

Hillary Clinton is up to something. Five times in the last month alone, she sent emails touting her super PAC’s role in combating President Trump. Most seized on headline events, such as the family separation issue at the southern border. On the other hand, the odds are zero that she is playing community organizer just to be a kingmaker.

When it comes to money and power, the Clintons assume charity begins at home. Here’s how I believe she sees the playing field, and why she can’t be ignored.

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Hillary Clinton as president will carry on President Obama's progress to fundamentally transform the U.S. See more of Hillary Clinton for President in on Facebook. See more of Hillary Clinton for President in on Facebook. Hillary Clinton odds at sexyaftercancer.com Hillary Clinton 661 for US presidency Trump remains 118. Latest US political betting news and odds. Odds slashed on Michelle Obama winning US Election.

Trump 46 to not be re-elected.

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Kanye 1 to win the US Election. Kim K could be the First Lady. Donald Trump set to cause biggest ever political betting upset. Republican candidate elected US President. Bet now on the US Presidential Election, soccer betting odds courtesy of TopBet, America's favorite online sportsbook. US Presidential Election - Odds to win the Electoral Vote All Bets Action.

US Presidential Election - Odds to win the Electoral Vote All Bets Action.

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A Bloomberg-Clinton ticket would keep Democrats in Wall Street’s good graces.

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But there’s nothing in it for progressive Democrats. Sources close to Michael Bloomberg’s campaign say he’s considering tapping Hillary Clinton for vice president. That’s according to Matt Drudge of The Drudge Report. Drudge’s source says the Bloomberg campaign found the combination polls well Sources close to Bloomberg campaign tell DRUDGE REPORT that candidate is considering Hillary Clinton as running mate, after their polling found the Bloomberg-Clinton combination would be formidable force Source Twitter. Clinton said in an interview earlier this month that "I’d like to be president" after answering "no" when asked if she wanted to run again.

News that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton might try to take on President Donald Trump in elicited cheers from the White House. Former Clinton adviser says Hillary will run in By CAITLIN OPRYSKO. Bloomberg’s betting odds are surging. So what would happen if he secures the nomination and picks Hillary Clinton for vice president?

Bloomberg-Clinton would be a Screw You, Bernie ticket. If he wins, he needs to toss something out there for the progressives, and Clinton wouldn’t cut the mustard. Otherwise, you can expect the same historically low voter turnout that delivered Trump his victory. The same people who stayed home last time will stay home again this time.

While Hillary Clinton draws headlines, she’s total voter repellent. If Bloomberg wins the Democratic nomination, he’ll lose the general election if he ignores the lesson of You do not trust polls that tell you Hillary Clinton would be a formida. Clinton's odds were decreased from 411 percent to 815 percent. A spokesperson for the Irish bookmaker said it was the health concerns that forced it to make the change. David Rutz breaks down the most important news about the enemies of freedom, here and around the world, in this comprehensive morning newsletter.

Sign up here and stay informed! The odds were also shortened for both Bernie Sanders, who was the runner-up in the Democratic nominating process, and Vice President Joe Biden, who chose not to run. Clinton's campaign released a statement from a doctor following the incident stating that Clinton had recently been diagnosed with pneumonia and was fighting the illness during the ceremony.

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Democrat Nominee odds Presidential odds Kirsten Gillibrand. A high-profile experienced Senator from New York who has been among the most vocal MeToo campaigners.

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A strong resume on paper but Gillibrand alienated key supporters by criticising Bill Clinton and Al Franken over sexual abuse.

Nevertheless everything about her behaviour points towards a run and perhaps those controversies will now work to her advantage. Democrat Nominee odds Presidential odds Amy Klobuchar. Hillary Clinton won’t run and if she did, humiliating defeat awaits.

Cory Booker has been touring the key states and will likely run. The moves of Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper imply the same. The Oscars ballot has officially closed meaning that the Academy Award nominations have been decided. With the Oscar nominations less than a week away, below are how the odds are looking for all the films that are likely to be named by the Academy.

The favourite to win may currently be Parasite, but two films that have attracted a flurry of bets following the Globes are and Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, which won Best Film Comedy or Musical.

This has been a complete reversal from about a month ago, which had The Irishman and Marriage Story sitting high as favourites.

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Hillary Clinton, who has twice run for president and lost, is given only the odds of percent. Senator Cory Booker is little better at just percent.

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is in even worse shape at percent. Senator Tim Kaine, Clinton’s running mate, is at percent. The site also looks at other races. As of now, Republican odds of holding the U.S.

Senate in sit at percent, compared to just percent for Democrats. Those numbers are almost perfectly flipped for control of the U.S. House in, with Democrats at percent compared to the Republicans’ 3. Not only is Trump securely in first place, but you can read down the whole list as see that no one is well-positioned to compete with him. Sherrod Brown Deval Patrick Gavin Newsom Dwayne Johnson Jamie Dimon Hillary Clinton Michael Bloomberg Howard Schultz Amy Klobuchar Eric Garcetti Al Gore Keith Ellison Mitt Romney Scott Walker Marco Rubio Ted.

Cruz Tim Kaine George Clooney Carly Fiorina Rand Paul LeBron James John Cena Tammy Duckworth Chelsea Clinton Tim Cook Evan McMullin Nancy Pelosi Jeff Flake Kanye West Posted by Ann Althouse at AM.

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Hillary Clinton's probability of winning the presidency hovered around 80 on the British betting market Betfair on Monday, the day before the election, staying at the same level it was on Sunday, when Clinton was officially cleared by the FBI after the agency examined newly discovered emails related to her private server.

Donald Trump was trading at about a 19 chance on Betfair. As of Tuesday morning, however, Clinton's chances slipped slightly, down to 78 from 80, while Trump's chances rose to 21. As of Tuesday, approximately million has been traded on Betfair toward.

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Hillary Clinton is definitely running for President again in, isn’t she? I’ve been trying to shake this feeling for months now, but every once in a while, she pops back up just enough to remind us that her monstrous shadow is still hanging over this entire election cycle.

Hill Dog has been craving a rematch ever since her humiliating upset in, and thanks to the way things have been playing out in the democratic primaries, I think she’s going to get her shot. By the way, that’s how I was feeling before she popped up on The Howard Stern Show on Wednesday. That’s why I suggest betting her soon, while her democratic primary odds are still + With every ridiculous thing Joe Biden does or says and every new moderate candidate that suspends their campaign, her line will only shorten.

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And although polls correctly predicted that Hillary Clinton would win the state that year, Bernie Sanders brought things a lot closer than pollsters anticipated. Rick Santorum pulled off a stunning upset back in, and Barack Obama swung enough voters late in to top Hillary Clinton. As of publication, the sportsbooks favor Sanders in this one. Let’s take a look at PointsBet’s odds for Iowa Candidate. Fortunately, PointsBet’s odds make betting on both candidates a viable option.

If you put two units on Sanders and one on Biden, you’re almost guaranteed to come away with a small profit. That said, I’d recommend that you plug Sanders in as a three or four-unit play and place one unit on Biden.

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Would Hillary Clinton run in a presidential election for a third time in? She would still have the same hurdles to face. While Clinton herself has not mentioned, Trump supporter Newt Gingrich told Politico that he thinks Clinton running in is a possibility.

However, he was talking more about Trump running again if he lost in and Clinton won. Clinton is projected to have won percent of the popular vote, just barely beating Trump, who earned percent.

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Contrarian Plays, Steam Reverse Line Movement. Throughout the week, dozens of speakers will take to the stage to fire up Democratic voters and unite the party behind Hillary Clinton. The former Secretary of State, Senator and First Lady is seeking to become the first woman president in American history.

She is currently a favorite to win the White House at BetOnline, which translates to a 67 implied probability.

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Conservative Media is asking will Hillary Clinton Run in Is Hillary Clinton up to something? What is the Democratic Party thinking with a Hillary.

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Hillary Clinton to be the next President of the USA. Democrat College Votes Turnout. Min 5 bet within 14 days of account reg at min odds 12 4 x 5 free bets. Free bets valid for 4 days on sports, stake not returned, restrictions apply.

Sign up, deposit 5 or more to your account and bet will match your qualifying deposit in Bet Credits when you place qualifying bets to the same value and they are settled.

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I've turned up a year indicator that suggests Hillary Clinton will not be elected next year-and offers some interesting perspective as to the market direction in and An old, little-known truth Overwhelmingly, when Republicans are elected President, stocks soar during the year they are elected this has held true every single election since World War II, except, an election in which Al Gore won the popular vote. Playing purely historical odds, for a strong, hope for a Republican if you prefer a heady, hope for Hillary.

So with history against Hillary, I'm looking toward a great market-and increased risk.

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Hillary Clinton still might run for president. That's why betting odds on her being the Democrat nominee have gone up. And that’s why with Ladbrokes, odds on Hillary Clinton are at 1 A 120 chance means that if you bet a dollar, and she somehow wins you make twenty dollars. Not a bad profit for someone who can stomach a high amount of risk. This just goes to show how bad the Democrat lineup against Donald Trump in really is. It’s so bad that gamblers think even Hillary Clinton still might have a chance.

Obviously, the idea that Hillary Clinton could still be president is pretty delusional. She is more likely to serve time in the Big House than the White House. But Democrats need someone to believe i.

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Hillary Clinton HillaryClinton. Democratic Nominee, SecState, Senator, hair icon. Mom, Wife, Grandma x3, lawyer, advocate, fan of walks in the woods standing up for our democracy.

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In and, lawyer and First Lady of Arkansas Hillary Rodham Clinton engaged in a series of trades of cattle futures contracts. Her initial 1, investment had generated nearly, equivalent to, in, when she stopped trading after ten months. In, after Clinton had become First Lady of the United States, the trading became the subject of considerable controversy regarding the likelihood of such a spectacular rate of return, possible conflict of interest, and.

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Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton speaks at a Women for Hillary campaign finance event in WashingtonCredit Reuters. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are due to have a second debate on Sunday, which is set to be heated given the animosity between the candidatesCredit APAssociated Press. William Hill have now shortened Mrs Clinton's odds to 13 after the massive bet by a woman on her winning the presidential race. At odds of 411 with William Hill, a Clinton victory would land the punter a profit of k.

William Hill have now shortened Mrs Clinton's odds to 13 and length.

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Brave woman bets, euros on Hillary Clinton to win presidential race in her first ever political wager. The unnamed woman placed the bet with British bookmaker William Hill. She will win, should Hillary Clinton triumph over Donald Trump. William say she is a regular gambler but has never bet on politics before.

The immediate cutting of Clinton's odds proves a reminder that prices set by bookies don't necessarily reflect the chances of victory but only how companies hope to make the most profit or lose the least amount of cash. Soon after the bet was placed William Hill slashed the odds on a Clinton victory to 13. One unlucky woman lost, to William Hill after betting big on the UK to remain in the European Union.

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Clinton’s odds of winning were around 66 percent on Friday, according to poll aggregator FiveThirtyEight. Her chances have fallen from 82 percent on Oct. Federal Bureau of Investigation said it had reopened its investigation into Clinton’s use of a personal e-mail server. Both Clinton and Trump notes tend to include exposure to infrastructure companies such as Caterpillar Inc., because both candidates have promised to push for greater investment in highways, bridges and other projects.

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Betting odds overwhelmingly favored a remain vote. See How bookies blew the Brexit call. In the presidential contest, Paddy Power had initially put odds of a Trump victory at to 1 back in November, long before the New York real estate mogul had announced his candidacy. Those odds fell to as narrow as 13 to 8 in May U.K. And Irish gambling shops offer odds on an astonishing variety of events and contests.

While horse racing and sporting events are at the heart of the business, gamblers can also lay wagers on everything from politics to the weather to who will be the next pope after Francis. Indeed, British gamblers have been betting on U.S.

Presidential election outcomes for more than a century.

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Hillary Clinton spoke at the Democratic National Convention on sexyaftercancer.com Damon WinterThe New York Times. July 28, Following is a transcript of Hillary Clinton’s address to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on Thursday, as prepared for delivery by her campaign.

Thank you for that amazing welcome. He’s betting that the perils of today’s world will blind us to its unlimited promise. He’s taken the Republican Party a long way from Morning in America to Midnight in America. He wants us to fear the future and fear each other. You have to keep working to make things better, even when the odds are long and the opposition is fierce. We lost my mother a few years ago.

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Wacky Odds for Hillary Clinton. Interest in betting on Hillary to win the Democratic nomination has recently been piqued, having spiked to as high asshare in early October, before quickly falling back toshare. Remember, folks, Hillary Clinton is not currently in the running for the nomination. Some have posited that the bet size limitations which platforms such as PredictIt impose, coupled with exorbitant fees, have distorted the odds. Curiously enough, several days later, Hillary’s odds spiked again, this time to as high asshare.

On the Presidential election market front, DJT’s lead over Warren has recently ebbed and flowed, currently sitting at a spread ofshare vs.

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US Election Betting - Trump Odds and Clinton Odds. The US Presidential Election will be taking place in November which means that we have just about four months to prepare for the event. It also means that we have about four months to make all of the wagers we can on the eventual outcome.

While there are some lesser known and independent candidates that will be running in, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will be the two horses running in this particular derby. Hillary Clinton is the presumptive Democratic Candidate for the United States Presidential Election and she is also the favourite to win according to the online sports books.

Clinton comes into this election with a lot of the right kind of support.

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Donald Trump is a controversial figure in the political world. In terms of betting, there are several ways by which a bettor can earn some money with the US President. Indeed there are plenty of Trump Odds available!

If you think we are kidding, you should read this article on the Clinton vs Trump election. With the Presidential Election less than a year away, there is a lot to play for in the new year. Unlike the Democratic race four years ago, which was pretty much between Hillary Clinton vs Bernie Sanders, the race is much closer with no clear-cut favorite. There are a handful of candidates with a realistic chance of emerging as the Democrat Presidential nominee. Below, we discuss some of the top contenders.

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Bet-taker also paid out early on Barack Obama win in CBC News Posted Oct 18, AM ET Last Updated October 18, British bookie Paddy Power says it is already willing to pay out on bets that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton will win the U.S. One of the world's biggest bookies is so sure that Hillary Clinton will win next month's U.S. Presidential contest that it has already started paying bettors. Eleven months later, his odds had improved to as high as, "but recent revelations have halted his momentum and caused his chances of victory to plummet like the value of sterling, resulting in chunky odds of representing a per cent chance of winning," Paddy Power said.

The website is still accepting bets on the outcome of the Nov.